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SB 337 - Eliminating Protection for Public Health and Safety

SB 337 would eliminate the Montana Board of Environmental Review. The BER has oversight authority over the Department of Environmental Quality for rule-making, as well as deciding challenges to permit decisions and enforcement actions. The BER acts as an independent body that determines whether DEQ follows the law and whether rules need to be changed to […]

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MEIC's Position: Oppose | Current bill status: Vetoed by the Governor. | Official legislative site

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HB 442 - Parks, Museums, and the Arts Could Get Property Tax Exemption

This property tax exemption bill will provide an exemption for public parks that are not operated for profit. Public parks are areas of land that provide enjoyment for the public, have facilities for rest and recreation, and offer conservation and values. For more property related article : click here.

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MEIC's Position: Support | Current bill status: Failed Senate Floor vote, 25-25. | Official legislative site

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SJ 006 - A Resolution that Would Cripple Government

This bizarre resolution urges Congress amend the U.S. Constitution to include a “Regulation Freedom” clause. The clause would say, “Whenever one quarter of the members of the United States House of Representatives or the United States Senate transmits to the President their written declaration of opposition to a proposed federal regulation, it shall require a […]

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MEIC's Position: Oppose | Current bill status: Passed Senate and House. Does not require Governor's signature. | Official legislative site

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