In our final update of the session, Montana Audubon’s Amy Seaman gives some detail about important wildlife and conservation bills, and we review bills that we need to get vetoed. We also try to answer the question, “How do we get better bills?”

Links and info shared during this call:

  • SB 442 veto letter on the page with the bill text:$BSRV.ActionQuery?P_SESS=20231&P_BLTP_BILL_TYP_CD=SB&P_BILL_NO=442&P_BILL_DFT_NO=&P_CHPT_NO=&Z_ACTION=Find&P_ENTY_ID_SEQ2=&P_SBJT_SBJ_CD=&P_ENTY_ID_SEQ=
  • Direct link to SB 442 veto letter:
  • Article about SB 295:
  • Looking to get more involved? Find more information here:

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