Congratulations Montanans!

Today the people of Montana won big when the legislature for the umpteenth time refused to allow NorthWestern Energy to rob us blind.

Three times the legislature defeated NorthWestern’s proposals to raise our rates and shift the risk for cleanup of the giant toxic mess at Colstrip to ratepayers. As if those three defeats weren’t enough, de-regulation sponsor Fred Thomas, Tom Richmond, and Duane Ankney wouldn’t give up and tried about half a dozen times to stick this lousy idea into other bills.

They failed.

Why? Because the people spoke, and spoke and spoke. You picked up the phone called your legislators and the Governor. You wrote letters-to-the-editor and opinion editorials. Unlikely allies joined forces in a way that is rarely seen in our divided political climate and worked together to push back on NorthWestern’s outrageously greedy efforts.

They tried to hold hostage Medicaid expansion, funding for the historical society, and so much more. But they failed because the people refused to be silent. So thank you for all you do.

And thank NorthWestern for getting us out of our comfort zone and forcing us to work with uncommon allies. Friendships were built that were unthinkable on January 1st.

But this victory is to you, all of MEIC’s supporters and allies. In the darkest days of this debacle in the Capitol, MEIC lobbyists were heartened to hear of the stacks of messages legislators were receiving. It drove us on and won the day. So thank you for all you’ve done.


-Team MEIC

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