Everyone at MEIC expresses our heartfelt thanks and well wishes to Jim Jensen as he retires at the end of 2020. MEIC has been beyond lucky to have had him at the helm for the past 35 years.

Read a full write-up at Montana Free Press here.
Here’s an excerpt…
“Jensen always advocated going on the offense. As a result, MEIC brought lawsuits and waged campaigns that blocked construction of a coal-fired power plant in Roundup, forced the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate coal ash, led to the adoption of exceptionally strong energy-efficient building code standards in Montana and brought about new mercury standards for power plants.
But the big win was I-137, banning cyanide heap-leach mines and specifically stopping a new mine near the Blackfoot River.
“He went on the offense and he won,” Ochenski said. “And I would say out of all the stuff we did, that was probably his legacy achievement. … When you put it all together, it’s an astounding record of accomplishments.””

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