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If an asteroid were hurtling toward earth and we had 12 years to change its trajectory, would we?

Of course we would. Climate change is no different.

The recent conclusions from the world’s best scientists regarding the pace and destruction of climate change is terrifying. We have 12 years to change course on emissions or we face irreversible and devastating harm. It’s time to do everything in our power to change course.

Here’s one thing you can do today.

The Trump EPA is taking comments now on its proposal to allow coal plants to emit more carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. This is morally corrupt and scientifically indefensible.

Use the tool on the right to submit an official comment to the Trump EPA: do not replace the Clean Power Plan with a Dirty Power Scam.

Click “Read the Petition” to see the full message. You can submit it as is or make changes in the box that pops up.

The Trump Administration is proposing to replace the Obama era “Clean Power Plan” with a wholly misnamed regulation entitled the “Affordable Clean Energy” rule. The Trump proposal will create more expensive and dirty energy while undercutting clean energy. In other words, it isn’t affordable or clean.

But being truthful doesn’t get in the way of this administration’s goals of more pollution and more profit for polluters, at the expense of our health, our safety, and the stability of the world we live in.

That’s why it’s important that you weigh in and tell the Trump Administration it is mad to allow more climate changing pollution from the biggest sources: coal-fired power plants.

The previous Clean Power Plan was an incredibly modest attempt to limit greenhouse gas emissions from coal plants by 2030. The new proposal is a cynical attempt to do the opposite. It’s past time for political games and mischief.

The asteroid is hurtling toward us. Are we going to just allow polluters and their politicians to look away until it hits earth?

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