What do our legislators do when they’re not in session? They’re working on interim committees, which have a number of functions and impacts on our day-to-day lives. In this webinar, we talk about the interim committees MEIC is following, what you should know about them, and how you can get involved.

Links and info shared during this call:

  • Here’s how you can the different interim committees and see what they’re working on, when they’re meeting, and send them comment: https://leg.mt.gov/committees/interim/
  • DNRC’s Comprehensive Water Review: https://dnrc.mt.gov/Water-Resources/Comprehensive-Water-Review/
  • Here’s a writeup about this IJC referral and Rob Sisson at WPIC: https://missoulacurrent.com/selenium-canadian-border/
  • Local Government Committee https://leg.mt.gov/committees/interim/lgic/
  • Here’s the webpage for the Special Select Committee on Energy Resource Planning and Acquisition: https://leg.mt.gov/committees/other-groups/special-select-committee-erpa/
  • Here’s the Consumer Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/committees/admincom/lcc/

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