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Since 1974, the MEIC Legislative Voting Record has provided objective, factual information about the most important environmental legislation considered, and the corresponding voting records, of all members of the Montana Senate and Montana House of Representatives. This year’s legislative scorecard includes critical votes on clean water and streamflows, clean energy, coal and fossil fuels, land use planning, climate change, environmental policy, and the Smith River mine.

2019 Senate Voting Record

2019 House Voting Record

The 2019 Voting Record includes 10 votes in the House of Representatives and 10 votes in the Senate. We encourage you to check on how your legislators voted and to talk to them about their votes. Don’t forget to thank them when they voted correctly. But please remember that in order to fully evaluate a legislator, you must also consider committee performance, influence on the floor debates, and responsiveness to constituents.

And finally, we owe you a heartfelt thanks. With your help MEIC successfully prevented a number of anti-environment bills from reaching the governor. We’ve also succeeded in getting anti-environment bills vetoed by the governor. The thousands of calls and e-mails to Montana legislators and Governor Bullock from you, our members and supporters, most definitely helped shape the outcome of the session.

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