Are you wondering how you participate in the 2021 Montana Legislature?

We know that the 2021 Legislative Session is going to be a wild one. With the pandemic still raging until vaccines can be distributed safely, the Montana State Legislature is allowing Montanans to testify remotely. However, registering to testify for these hearings is confusing. That’s why MEIC has created an instructional video to make sure that you are prepared to participate. In this training session, MEIC outlines: (1) how to use MEIC’s website to participate remotely; (2) how to use the LAWS database to learn more about legislation, sign up to testify, and more; and (3) some tips to make the most of your remote testimony.


Additionally, MEIC will continue to host legislative session updates every Thursday at 5 pm through April to help you know what’s going on and better participate. If you would like to participate in the session, please click this link on Thursday at 5 pm.

Questions? Contact Conor Ploeger at:

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