Dear Friends, 

As Board president I want to thank you for your constant and enduring support of the Montana Environmental Information Center. You are MEIC’s heart and soul. That’s why I want to directly share with you the exciting news regarding MEIC’s new leadership team going forward.

After 35 years at the helm, Jim Jensen will be stepping down as the executive director at the end of 2020 and retiring. In considering MEIC’s future, the Board of Directors wanted to guarantee that MEIC remains able to effectively tackle the monumental challenges of our time: protecting water quality and habitat from impacts from Montana’s mines, enforcing our clean air and water protections, and addressing the most daunting challenge we face – the climate crisis ­– by transforming Montana’s energy system from highly polluting fossil fuels to clean energy. But we also know we must keep MEIC financially healthy so it can continue to effectively protect Montana’s natural environment for current and future generations.

That’s why I am proud to announce that MEIC’s Board of Directors has chosen an executive leadership team approach. Starting January 1, 2021, Anne Hedges and Cari Kimball will be co-directors of the organization.

Most MEIC members are familiar with Anne Hedges who currently serves as MEIC’s Deputy Director and lead lobbyist. Starting next year, she will become MEIC’s Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, where she will direct all of MEIC’s program work. For over 27 years, Anne has provided MEIC with visionary program leadership and boundless energy. Her drive and efficacy have been integral to MEIC’s past successes and guarantee continuity and success moving forward.

Cari Kimball, MEIC’s current Development Director, will assume the mantle of Executive Director. She will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of MEIC and for making sure it has the resources it needs to continue to be effective. Cari has strong non-profit administration and fundraising experience and is a consultant in the area of equity and inclusion. Cari brings exceptional leadership, intellect, and organizational skill to the role of Executive Director. She holds Environmental Studies degrees – a B.S. from Linfield College and an M.S. from the University of Montana. She is an alumna of the Wyss Scholars program and the New Leaders Council. But most importantly, Cari’s enthusiasm and commitment to MEIC will drive the organization forward.

I ask you to join me in welcoming Anne and Cari as MEIC’s new executive leadership team. They are exactly the right people for this moment in time. They have the capacity, integrity, and passion to make MEIC into the most effective organization possible. They have the sense of humor to carry them through in difficult times. The issues we face are daunting. MEIC’s Board of Directors is proud to have Anne and Cari leading our organization at this pivotal moment. 

For Montana,

Kathy Juedeman
MEIC Board Chair

P.S. If you’d like to send congratulatory notes to Anne and Cari their email addresses are and, respectively. 

P.P.S. If you’d like to help celebrate our new leaders, please make a Special Gift to MEIC today. 

Pictured above: On the left- Cari hiking the South Helena Hills trails with her daughter, Ruby. And on the right- Anne enjoying the beauty of the Rocky Mountain Front with her kids, Bridget and Aiden.

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