A policy expert and longtime lobbyist with the Montana Environmental Information Center testified Thursday at the Montana climate change trial about what she said has been a backwards slide by the state in terms of fighting climate change and pushing back on energy projects that emit large amounts of greenhouse gases.

In addition, a greenhouse gas emissions accounting scientist told the court Montana is responsible for tens of millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year – the sixth-most in the U.S. and more than 100 other countries – and like other climate experts who have testified so far this week in the Held v. Montana trial, that any reduction in emissions by the state would be beneficial to both its residents and the world population.

“I think this past (legislative session) provides a number of examples in which the legislature succeeded in making it more difficult for clean energy development, created obstacles for renewable energy, and is putting the gas on fossil fuel development,” said MEIC director of policy and legislative affairs Anne Hedges.