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Hello! I’m excited to join the team as MEIC’s Energy Transition Advocate, managing energy campaigns throughout Montana. Growing up in north central Washington instilled in me a deep-rooted love for the natural world and the communities it nourishes. I’ve long been driven to preserve the environment, with particular dedication to mitigating global anthropogenic climate change through energy system transformation. To eliminate our climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions in the state, a just and equitable transition from fossil fuel dependency to environmentally-friendly, carbon-free energy sources is essential.

I recently received a BS in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from MSU, with a minor in Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship to establish a technical foundation from which I ground my energy and environmental advocacy work. I worked at the university’s Office of Sustainability for four years and helped secure an ambitious carbon neutrality goal for the institution.

When my own energy needs replenishing, you can find me playing music or recharging in the mountains.


This article was published in the September 2023 issue of Down To Earth. 

Read the full issue here.


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