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The calendar may still read 2016, but the 2017 Montana Legislature is already in motion – and your help is needed.

Net metering – the idea that Montana families and small businesses with rooftop solar systems should be fairly compensated for the benefits of selling extra electricity into the grid – will see a key debate at the next Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee meeting on September 8th and 9th.

Show your support for more Montana solar – sign the petition on the right!

Net metering was one of the most heated energy issues last session. Since then the committee has continued the discussion and is now looking to make recommendations for where to start the net metering discussion next session. They need to hear from you that smart net metering rules will help keep Montana’s solar industry charging forward – bringing jobs, savings, and fewer climate emissions with it.

The deadline for submitting comments to the committee is coming up soon. Please show your support for Montana solar today by using the petition tool on this page.

The petition reads as follows:

Committee members,

Everyday more Montanans are choosing to generate their own clean energy with solar systems on their homes and businesses. We can keep this momentum going, but only if the rules of the game – net metering – support solar growth rather than stifle it.

Please consider the following principles in regards to any net metering recommendations:

1) Certainty should be created for the solar industry and consumers by taking a thorough look at the benefits and costs of net metering when production reaches 1% of utility sales.

2) The investments of existing customers should be protected by grandfathering in them under any future changes to the rate structure.

3) Larger capacity net metered systems should be allowed to be put onto the grid by raising the system size cap for tax-exempt customers.

Net metered solar energy development can create jobs, decrease energy costs, and clean up our electrical grid, but only with your support.

Thank you.

One Reply to “Support Montana Solar!”

  1. John Anderson says:

    In order for solar energy to be used efficiently and effectively we have to start moving away from the old AC grid that was developed back in the 1800’s. Taking new energy technology and attempting to use it on a 130 year old antiquated system is as wasteful as you can be with solar. Net-metering is a band-aid on the attempt to make solar work on a system that itself is an old wasteful idea.