Natural gas
"Natural" Gas
...and why it's not the "bridge fuel" they want you to believe.
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Nuclear in Montana?
It's not all it's cracked up to be.
Held v. Montana
Held v. Montana
First EVER Constitutional Climate Trial in US History
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Protecting Air & Water

Protecting and advancing air and water quality standards to ensure a clean and healthy climate for future generations

Climate & Energy

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels through an equitable transition to renewable and clean energy sources

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The Latest Stories and Actions from MEIC

The 2023 Legislature: Your Constitutional Rights Are in Jeopardy

Down to Earth, Dec. 2022 – In case anyone was thinking that Montana’s 2023 Legislative Session might be better for the environment than the grueling 2021 Session, their hopes were dashed after the election. The session is going to be brutal for those who care about clean air, clean water, a healthy climate, and corporate accountability. 

Let's rise up.

Help protect Montana’s clean air and water.

MEIC has worked for almost 50 years to keep Montana’s air and water clean. We have stopped dirty acid mines and helped pass and defend strong pollution control laws. And it’s all made possible by our members.

MEIC is made up of thousands of Montanans who care deeply about this state – our home. This strong membership has allowed MEIC to remain independent and to always fight for what is right. We would love to have you as a member too.

MEIC in the News

Montana Rolls Back Environmental Protections

May 30, 2023 – Montana’s environmental advocates are criticizing Gov. Greg Gianforte for signing a bill they said will allow the state to ignore the impacts of climate change when developers construct large-scale energy projects such as coal mines and power plants.

Environmentalists sue to protect Lake Koocanusa selenium rule

May 22, 2023 – Environmental groups in Montana and Idaho are defending a water quality standard Montana adopted in 2020 by suing a quasi-judicial board that’s spent the past year trying to invalidate it.

Save Our Smith—more than just a river.

“For a practice that has a known effect on soils and strata and water, the onus should be on the applicant [to pay for mine clean-up]. I appreciate mining practices, but what is anything worth if you don’t have clean water.”
J.P. Pomnichowski
Bozeman Senator, SD 33