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MEIC was so fortunate to have a number of rockstars working with us this summer. You might recognize their names from the news, emails or events, or even bylines in this issue of Down to Earth.


Kenzie Mioh joined us as an intern in partnership with the Smithsonian Institute and has been instrumental in helping push some key projects at MEIC. She is part of Helena High School’s Green Group. She believes in the strong connection between healthcare and climate change (see her article), which ultimately fueled her advocacy for change. She likes going to the local farmers market and hiking with friends in her free time.


Grace Gibson-Snyder’s name might be familiar from the landmark Held v. State of Montana trial (see article) or on our list of board member candidates. Grace hit the ground running with us this summer and has helped with grassroots movement building, strengthening coalition partnerships, and considering the climate movement in Montana as a whole. Grace is a college student at Yale and hopes to focus her career on the transition to renewable energy. She is learning to kayak, trying to run more, and her favorite Montana flower is the Balsamroot.


We’re also excited to welcome Katie Harrison, our Community Organizing and Event Coordination Contractor. Katie is based in Billings and was instrumental in helping Billings Climate Week become a reality. She has extensive community organizing experience, as well as business experience through her sustainable, not-for-profit vendor shop, SustainaBillings.

Katie is helping MEIC tackle a number of organizing opportunities over the next few months, and you can reach her at kharrison@MEIC.org.


This article was published in the September 2023 issue of Down To Earth. 

Read the full issue here.


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