In this meeting recorded on April 21, MEIC’s Derf Johnson gives an update on the Smith River mining victory, Bad Actor, a BLM mineral withdrawal, and more. Check it out here. Scroll down for links shared during the call.

Links shared during this call:

  • Victory for the Smith River! Here’s one article:
  • Here’s MEIC’s scorecard:
  • Here’s a recent op-ed from MEIC, TU, and American Rivers about the Smith:
  • Here’s a story from 2018 about the mining pollution at Zortman-Landusky:
  • Here’s a story about the recent claims:
  • We have a story about this FBIC effort and win in our latest Down to Earth:
  • You’ll have to use BLM’s website to submit comments on this mineral withdrawal:
    Click “Participate Now” to write and submit comments before May 4. “Support Alternative C”
  • Here’s a Billings Gazette article about this comment period, too:
  • Even pro-mining Butte was skeptical about this:
  • It’s not the first time Gov. Gianforte’s administration has been sued for not providing timely fulfillment of records requests:
  • How to submit comment online for mining reform:
    Submit comment before 11:59 p.m. on July 31. Comments may be submitted through and will be available for public viewing and inspection. In the Search box, enter the docket number: Docket No. DOI-2022-0003;. For best results, do not copy and paste the number; instead, type the docket number into the Search box using hyphens. Then, click on the Search button. You may submit a comment by clicking on ‘‘Comment.’’
  • Click here to read the DOI’s announcement about this comment period and instructions for mailing comments by snail mail:
  • Talking points can be found in our last email newsletter:
  • Here’s that job description:

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