By Katie Deuel and Amy Cilimburg, Missoula Current

We at Home ReSource and Climate Smart Missoula frequently collaborate on efforts to build a sustainable and vibrant community. Coordinating this weekly column is just one way we share voices and stories that we hope inspire all of us to act local, buy local, and even, this time of year, to give local!

Did you know it’s Missoula Gives May 6-7, where we all, together, can strengthen the fabric of our community? Here’s our take on why and how.

Caring for our planet and its diverse people has never been a more urgent task (really), and the more that message makes its way into all corners of society, the more momentum we build for bold action. We know we cannot do it alone, and we know that work in isolation, as people or as sectors, will never get us as far or as fast as working together.

During this giving day, we’re reminded that diversity means respecting all people and that everyone has something to contribute. Indeed, working together is not just a means to achieve goals like 100% clean electricity or zero waste: it’s the only way to build a truly equitable and sustainable future worth fighting for. The stakes are, indeed, high.

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