In this update recorded on May 19, Melissa Hornbein from the Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) gives an update on federal oil and gas leasing, Anne and Derf review coal activity in the state (including the recent Talen bankruptcy news), and give updates on crypto and nuclear energy. Check it out here. Scroll down for links shared during the call.

Links shared during this call:

  • Thanks so much to WELC!
  • Here’s a story about Held v Montana from February:
  • Here’s a link to that Billings Gazette article:
  • Talen spoke at the ETIC meeting today – the recording will be available at some point if you want to hear for yourself.
  • You can read an article about this Rosebud decision in our latest Down to Earth: Or you can listen to it! Down to Earth is now available as an audio magazine:
  • Sketchy sketchy Signal Peak…
  • Fact Sheet and background on crypto:
  • Podcast – Can Our Climate Survive Bitcoin?:
  • Article – Bitcoin miners revived a dying coal plant – then CO2 emissions soared:
  • Here’s some information, a fact sheet, and a way to message ETIC about nuclear energy:
  • You can tune into ETIC tomorrow morning for the conversation about nuclear energy around 9:45 am:

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