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Montana’s Renewable Energy Standard requires NorthWestern Energy to purchase 65 megawatts of clean energy from Community Renewable Energy Projects (CREPs) – which are smaller-scale projects with majority local ownership. Right now the company only has 25 megawatts, meaning it needs to get 40 more.

However, rather than find a way to comply with the law, the utility has continually asked the Public Service Commission for waivers while vigorously promoting bills at the legislature that would eliminate the CREPs program altogether. This hostility toward CREPs has raised concerns that NorthWestern is not doing everything it can to meet its obligations to renewable energy under the law.

The Commission is deciding whether to grant NorthWestern another one-year waiver from compliance – marking at least the fourth time the company has asked to be exempt. Renewable energy developers have been doing their part to propose cost-effective projects, but few projects have been built.

These projects drive investments into local communities while creating jobs and clean energy in the process. In fact, CREPs have already resulted in $41.8 million in investments in Montana communities. Montana can continue to benefit from these investments, but only if the PSC holds NorthWestern accountable for meeting its requirement.

Please contact the Public Service Commission using the tool on this page – tell it to hold NorthWestern accountable for complying with the Community Renewable Energy Projects law.

It’s good for consumers, good for businesses, and good for the environment.


2 Replies to “Support Montana Clean Energy – Contact the Public Service Commission”

  1. Moosecrackers says:

    Is there anything NWE won’t stoop to to (a) wreck renewable energy; or (b) stick it to their customers, like paying for BOTH ancient coal plant downtime/repairs AND replacement power cost? Every NWE employee I’ve ever dealt with has been professional, courteous, and helpful, but the executive suite and the lobbyists are beyond belief. They want to run the state, but won’t take responsibility for anything.

  2. Jess Alger says:

    Seems like many many small wind turbines or Solar panels spread across Montana would be good insurance for Northwestern Energy. It would keep The grid full of electric power in case of some attack on the grid. When a small unit goes down it is not a big deal. When a big unit goes down it is a big deal. Jess Alger