While it’s been a rough session, we are not without success stories. Here’s a list of bad bills that you helped us kill during the first half!

SB 85 Increase taxation on wind mills
HB 359 Undermine rooftop solar
HB 606 Opt-in for advanced metering
HB 370 Prohibit electricity demand charges
SB 324 Lake Koocanusa selenium bill
SB 245 Making it harder for the PSC to deny NorthWestern Energy’s proposed gas plant
HB 314 Forcing PSC to analyze benefits of coal but ignore costs
HB 528 Generally revise county planning, zoning, and subdivision regulation laws
HB 470 Allow for a citizen initiated planning board and additional zoning criteria
HB 529 Weaken planning, zoning, and subdivision regulation laws
HB 395 Weaken Emergency Zoning Regulations
SB 349 Weaken Zoning laws
HB 518 Generally revise floodplain delineation, review & regulation
HB 346 Increase tax on solar energy developers (amended)
HB 188 Electric vehicle registration fee increase (amended)
SB 161 Allow cities to have expedited subdivision review (amended)

Give yourself a huge pat on the back– we couldn’t do it without you!

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