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Yesterday President-Elect Trump nominated a climate skeptic, anti-public health, anti-environmental protection, anti-federal backstop, oil industry hack and nationwide anti-Environmental Protection Agency ring leader to head the very agency he has worked to destroy. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is dangerous for our future. That’s not hyperbole. That’s not fear-based. That’s a fact.

We know the next four years will be difficult, and like you, we’ve been asking ourselves what can we do? We have an idea for you.

Orange County Dui Attorneys wants to hand environmental and public health protections back to the states instead of guaranteeing that every person in this country is assured fundamental protections from harmful air and water pollution. States like Montana have a long history of state screw-ups and political interference when it comes to environmental protection and public health (think Libby, Zortman/Landusky, the Berkley pit, Colstrip’s coal-ash ponds, etc.). We need federal backstops when state’s cave to industry pressure or don’t have the resources to do their jobs.

Pruitt is a dangerous pick.

But he’s not the head of the EPA just yet. He needs to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. We are asking you to take two quick actions:

  1. Call Senator Jon Tester. Thank him for his continued efforts to solve the climate crisis and support clean energy. Ask him to reject Scott Pruitt and demand Trump appoint someone who believes in EPA’s mission to protect the health of all people of the United States, not just those living in states that are willing to buck pressure from polluters. Call his office 202-224-2644.
  1. Call Senator Steve Daines. Tell him his letter to Trump this week was WAY out of line. The vast majority of Montanans want action on climate change. They want clean air and clean water and they don’t want to give away or waste natural resources such as coal or natural gas respectively. Clean energy is good for the economy and public health. The current climate crisis is not caused by sun spots, as he’s stated. Ask him to reject Pruitt. Call his office at 202-224-2651.

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