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Here’s some language that you can use in drafting a letter to the editor regarding HB 273. This bill would overturn a voters’ initiative that gives Montanans a right to determine if they want nuclear in the state or not. Additionally, here’s a fact sheet on HB 273 that you can use.

Sample wording:

Montanans deserve to have a say in Montana’s energy future, including whether or not the state adopts nuclear energy.

Currently, we enjoy the right to have a say because of a voter-passed initiative that has stood since 1978 and was passed by 65% of the voters. This initiative (I-80) does not ban nuclear energy in Montana; rather, it sets stringent safety and liability requirements, but most importantly, it gives us, the voters of Montana, the right to decide.

Just like in 1978, I believe the voters are smart enough and should continue to have the right to vote on whether or not to allow nuclear energy in our great state.


Things to keep in mind while writing a Letter to the Editor:

  • Keep your letter under 250 words.
  • Include your name and address.
  • Send it to all daily papers, not just your local paper.


Links and emails to submit your Letter to the Editor:


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