Did you miss our Sept. 16 event? Not to worry, we recorded the first part of the event. You can view the YouTube video here.

Montana Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate experts Drs. Lori and Rob Byron and Montana Environmental Information Center Policy Director Anne Hedges talk about how gas extraction, transportation, and use in our buildings and homes for electricity, heating, cooking, and more, brings serious costs and health risks.

The gas industry has known for decades that it contributes to climate change. For the past 100 years, the gas industry has been working to convince us that gas is safe, reliable, and essential. The gas industry lobbies across the country to prevent better building codes to protect its profits. Industry has even gone so far as to directly advertise these myths to children, distributing coloring books to elementary schools using pro-industry messaging.

The truth is, gas is not a bridge fuel between coal and renewable energy, gas is not the solution to stabilize our energy grid, gas will not save customers money, and gas is not the solution to the climate crisis.

The second half of this event, which was not recorded, gave attendees the opportunity to connect with a slate of other organizations

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