Below are the presentation slides used for the MEIC “Quarantine Series,” a weekly 30-minute webinar on different issues MEIC works on. Current MEIC members can receive a recording of the webinars by contacting us via email.

Slides for that day’s presentation will be posted here at least an hour before it begins to allow those joining by phone to follow along.

Join us at 4 p.m. each Thursday afternoon. Contact MEIC staff for information on how to participate by emailing meic [at]


April 2: Colstrip 101: “What’s All the Fuss About'” by MEIC’s Ann Hedges

April 9: Colstrip 202: “A Deep Dive Into the Plant’s Costs and Risks,” by MEIC’s Anne Hedges

April 16: Smith River: “What’s Next in the Fight to Protect the Smith River,” by MEIC’s Derf Johnson

April 23: Earth Day Special: “MEIC, Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Going,” by MEIC’s Jim Jensen 

April 30: Renewable Energy 101: “How Renewable Energy Can Power Our Future,” by MEIC’s Brian Fadie

May 7: Renewable Energy 202: “A Deeper Dive into Renewable Energy in Montana,” by MEIC’s Brian Fadie


May 14: Oil & Gas Development“The Hazards of Oil and Gas Development in Montana and What MEIC is Doing About It,” by MEIC’s Anne Hedges


May 21: Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Threatened“Protecting the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness from Hardrock Mining,” by MEIC’s Derf Johnson


May 28: Coal Mining“The Destructive Nature of Coal Mining in Montana: Past, Present, and Future,” by MEIC’s Anne Hedges & Derf Johnson

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