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This week, we are rapidly approaching transmittal, and that means a bunch of bills in a bunch of hearings over the next week.

Tonight, we reviewed our top priorities in land use, mining, energy, and more.

Links shared during this call:

  • Here’s the writeup for SB 382: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/bills/detail/id/33151/type/state
  • Send a message through the legislature’s tool: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/
  • Send a message about SB 287 here: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/101
  • Send a message about SB 261: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/95
  • Send a message about SB 285: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/102
  • Send a message about HB 576 here: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/104
  • Here’s the writeup for HB 642: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/bills/detail/id/33174/type/state
  • Here’s the writeup for HB 656: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/bills/detail/id/33314/type/state
  • SB 242 writeup: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/bills/detail/id/31866/type/state
  • Send a message about SB 228: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/88
  • Send a message about SB 208: https://meic.org/bill-tracker/#/103

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