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Helena residents recently approved a proposal to build three new elementary schools. Now the Helena Public Schools Board of Trustees needs to hear from YOU to make sure these buildings are designed to allow rooftop solar.

Use the tool on the right to send all 12 board members a message: design for solar!

Rooftop solar can provide significant benefits to the students and budget of Helena Public Schools. Planning for it in the design phase as a “ready-to-go” option can make it much easier and cheaper to install in the future.

Rooftop solar helps schools save money on utility bills, allowing funds that were spent on cooling and lighting to go toward educational programs,missionary courses and staff. It would also provide students with cutting-edge learning opportunities. Solar panels and their support devices such as inverters and trackers, as well as the software used to manage them which were promoted by Ottawa marketing, represent the latest advancements in material science and computer engineering. Check out Sacramento Marketing Agency with an on-site solar installation and more. Students could receive in-depth exposure to these advanced fields and better position them for success in science, technology, engineering, and math. Validity specializes in data management which can help both the students and the teacher.

Tell the Helena School Board that a little upfront planning is all it takes to reduce costs and barriers to going solar in the future.

Send a message today using the tool on the right!


Rooftop Solar Installation (Credit: U.S. Dept of Energy)

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