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Let’s get this over the finish line. Exporting coal from Montana was a bad idea from day one. Increased coal mining and export would have poisoned our air, fouled our water, and disrupted our communities. Now we’re years into the fight and the smell of victory—not of dirty coal trains—is in the air. But we’re not there yet.

There is only one coal port on the coast left standing. You know the drill: please submit your comment today to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and ask them to select the “no action” alternative in the Millennium Bulk Terminals Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers just released their draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed coal export terminal. Speaking up during the comment period is critical. With your help, we can block the last remaining coal export terminal in the Pacific Northwest.

Last spring, the Washington Department of Ecology and Cowlitz County issued their draft EIS for the coal port and, with your help, the coalition of opponents broke records—filing over 250,000 comments. Now the Army Corp of Engineers is considering the project, and we all need to speak up with a collective voice!

Why should it be denied? Digging and burning coal increases climate change, harms water quality, and fouls the air. Coal trains running through Montana towns endangers the health and safety of our communities. Asian markets are just starting to move toward cleaner energy. They don’t need dirty Montana coal. The time to say NO is NOW!

Now is your chance to live up to Montana’s reputation of standing up for our clean water and clean air. Submit your comment today!

4 Replies to “HELP Stop the Last West Coast Coal Terminal”

  1. Moosecrackers says:

    Another point about Asia, which fits nicely with the point that Asian countries are starting to move toward cleaner energy (as evidenced by China & India being early signatories to the Paris agreement): what coal Asian countries want/need, they can get locally. All of the top 5 coal companies in the world *, ranked by proven reserves, are Asian, and together they control more than 14x the reserves of the largest remaining U.S. company, Peabody. Why would Asian countries even consider buying U.S. coal?

    * Coal India, Adani Group (India), China Shenhua, Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal, and China Coal Energy.

    • darrel armstrong says:

      Because we have dirty energy addicted Republican & Democratic Parties certainly including the current administration…and coal junkie connections like Ambassador Max Mockus.

  2. Craig McClure says:

    Please go with the “no action” alternative on the Millennium Bulk Terminals DEIS. A new coal terminal in Washington would encourage further coal development in Montana which would contribute to our climate change challenge and send more coal trains traveling next to my grandchildren’s school playground fence in Sandpoint, Idaho. Let”s focus on long-term solutions to our energy needs and not burden our children and grandchildren with that task.

  3. Kate says:

    A little guidance please! Aside from global warming, what is the logical argument against the coal terminal that Montanans should use? For Montana, the Environmental Impact of a terminal in Longview, WA is at the front end — the mining itself and the train traffic. Am I right?Are these coal trains traveling through Whitefish?