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MEIC is dedicated to protecting and restoring Montana’s natural environment. It monitors and influences state government agencies, educates the public, assists citizens and local groups, and lobbies the state legislature. MEIC is active on many issues, including hardrock mining, water and air quality, energy, land use, and state lands. Your donation will help defend the rivers and streams, wide-open spaces, majestic mountains, and other natural treasures of Montana. Thank you.

There are many ways to support MEIC. Check out some options here, and feel free to reach out.

Members are the heart and soul of MEIC. People like you – who hold Montana in your heart, and want to see it protected for future generations. Please renew your MEIC membership today and help continue our winning tradition for Montana’s environment.

To make a gift by telephone, please call Julie at 406.443.2520 x104. If you would rather send a check, please make checks payable to:

Montana Environmental Information Center (or MEIC)
P.O. Box 1184
Helena, MT  59624

MEIC’s Snowberry Society is a simple and effective way to pay your membership dues and help protect what you love about Montana even more. We designed our monthly giving program to fit your budget and lifestyle.

It’s easy! You can sign up for any monthly amount you choose. At the $25 a month level —  83 cents a day  your gifts will total to $300 annually! Amazing! Sign up to pay monthly with your credit or debit card, and MEIC will take care of it for you. You may change or cancel your payments at any time.

As a Snowberry Society member you will provide the staying power that keeps MEIC at the forefront of environmental advocacy in Montana. We need to have the ability to both address urgent issues now, as well as handle the every day work. And, no more renewal notices, which saves you hassle, and MEIC time and money.

Get started online today! For more information about the Snowberry Society, please contact Cari Kimball, Executive Director, at or 406.443.2520 x100.

Major Donors – those who give $500 or more per year to MEIC – play a vital role in supporting the organization for the long term. Members may also support MEIC by joining the Clean and Healthful Legacy Society or donating to the Permanent Fund.

The Clean and Healthful Legacy Society

Through thoughtful planned giving, you can support MEIC’s mission well into the future, while possibly receiving significant state tax benefits today. And you don’t have to be wealthy. The benefits of planned giving are available to all of us, at every income and asset level. Even a modest gift can help build an endowment that will sustain MEIC’s vital work into the future.

Here are just a few possibilities:

  • After taking care of your loved ones, leave a remainder gift to MEIC in your will.
  • Designate MEIC as the beneficiary of your retirement plan. The balance will transfer to MEIC tax-free, and your gift is fully deductible for estate tax purposes.
  • Take advantage of Montana’s Charitable Endowment Tax Credit by working with the Montana Community Foundation (or your local equivalent) to set up a gift annuity to support MEIC’s endowment.
  • Make a qualified charitable distribution, from your tax-deferred retirement account, to MEIC. Any amount given in this manner will be excluded from your taxable income.

The Permanent Fund

More than 25 years ago MEIC established the Permanent Fund as its endowment — to help us protect and restore Montana’s natural environment now and in the years to come. An endowment provides the financial security and long-term stability needed to weather unpredictable and cyclical funding. By contributing to the Permanent Fund, you help to ensure that MEIC will remain effective for generations to come.

For more information, please  contact Cari Kimball, Executive Director, at or 406.443.2520 x100.

MEIC’s tax identification number (EIN) is 23-7337100.

Help protect Montana’s clean air and water by choosing a Montana license plate that benefits MEIC! With an initial extra cost of $40, and an annual renewal extra cost of $20, it’s an easy way to support our important work. Your donation is tax deductible, and will be used to protect your right to a clean and healthful environment.

You don’t have to wait for your current plates to expire. Simply bring your old plates in.

This plate funds non-partisan efforts to protect Montana’s most precious resources: clean air and water. MEIC’s mission is to uphold each Montanan’s Constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment. Proceeds from this plate help to preserve our state’s natural beauty and public health for generations to come.

Visit your local DMV to get a plate, or contact contact Cari Kimball at or 406.443.2520 x100 to learn more.

Fill out this form to give your special someone an MEIC membership. They’ll receive:

  • A festive welcome message and an MEIC decal sticker.
  • A subscription to our quarterly magazine for members, Down to Earth.
  • Invitations to special MEIC members-only events.
  • The gratification of being a member of Montana’s scrappiest, most effective environmental advocacy group.
  • A cleaner, more healthful environment for all of Montana.
Read our latest Annual Report to see what we’re all about.

Supporting MEIC

There were no “How To” books in 1973 when a young couple named Robin and Phil Tawney decided to take on Montana’s entrenched interests with a little startup called the Environmental Information Center. Instead, they were driven by the powerful sense that Montana’s natural environment was worth protecting and that time might be running out. Quickly attracting a wide range of supporters, they decided simply to present the facts forcefully and persistently to the people who made the decisions. Solid research became the foundation, and energetic advocacy the method. The goal never wavered: to protect Montana’s land, water, and air.

In the years since, we added “Montana” to our name, but we’re still giving a voice to the voiceless before the Montana legislature, in State agencies, and in the courts. MEIC has successfully stopped coal-fired power plants to prevent their contribution to climate change, passed a ban on cyanide heap-leach mining, and won lawsuits that gave meaning to fundamental constitutional rights. We have always faced a challenge head-on to do what is right for Montana.

Help defend the land, air, and water of this place we call home. Become a member and let the work of saving ourselves by saving our environment continue.

Member Privacy Policy and Forms 990

MEIC respects the privacy of its members. Therefore, personal information about MEIC members is collected solely for the purpose of making MEIC a more effective organization, including for such activities as relationship-building, fundraising, thanking, performing internal analyses, mobilizing members, and providing targeted issue updates. Read our full privacy policy here.