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24 Hours to Stop Montana Coal Exports!

Contact Washington State Officials

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End date: Jul 28, 2017

Signatures collected: 326

326 signatures

Lighthouse Resources, the owner of a massive coal strip mine in Montana, wants to open North America’s largest coal export facility in Washington State. If built, this port would handle enough coal that when burned would generate up to 88 million tons of additional C02 pollution every year, equivalent to the discharges from 18 million passenger vehicles driven for one year. Lighthouse Resources is currently seeking a water pollution permit from the Washington Department of Ecology (WDE) that would allow the project to move forward. We need you to take a few minutes, and tell WDE to deny the permit and to stop this project.

Since its inception, Lighthouse Resources’ proposal to build the Millennium Bulk Terminal export facility has drawn unprecedented opposition. Over 250,000 public comments have flooded in opposing the project. One or more of those comments were likely from you. Thank you!

But Lighthouse Resources is determined to move forward with this terrible proposal, and we need you to speak out once again. A recent environmental review of the project found that the increase in coal train traffic would have significant and unavoidable impacts on public health, the environment, and the climate.

Please tell the Washington Department of Ecology to deny Lighthouse Resources’ application for a pollution permit today.


Helena City Council: Act on Climate

Contact the Commission

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End date: Jun 27, 2017

Signatures collected: 54

54 signatures

Following the disastrous move by Donald Trump to exit the Paris Climate Agreement, states and cities across the nation are stepping up, recognizing that it’s critical to act on the local level with an absence of leadership at the national level. Here in Montana, the mayors of both Bozeman and Missoula have recently agreed to abide by the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Now, Helena City Commissioner Andres Haladay has introduced a resolution to add the City of Helena to the growing chorus of voices that want to act on climate. We need your help to persuade the Helena City Commission to support the resolution unanimously. Please take a few minutes, contact the Commission, and let Commissioners and the Mayor know you support the resolution.

The science is clear. Montana and Helena are already experiencing the negative effects of a changing climate, from less snowpack in our mountains, to hotter and drier summers, to less water in our rivers and streams. Wildfires have become more prevalent, threatening Helena’s principle municipal water supply. Streams are getting hotter – and are closed to fishing earlier and earlier – with direct effects on our outdoor recreation economy. Water is dwindling for farmers and ranchers. We cannot let this cycle continue.

Fortunately, we have solutions. Over the past few years, the United States has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the electric sector as cleaner and cheaper energy options become available. Montana’s clean energy economy is growing, and could become a powerhouse provided the right policies are in place. Meanwhile, investments in energy efficiency have successfully reduced energy consumption here in Montana and across the U.S., with more gains to be seen.

The Helena City Council needs to understand why it is critical that it join with other communities across Montana and the nation to show leadership on climate change.

Please take a minute to contact the Commission and attend the Commission Hearing on Monday, June 26th at 6 p.m., to show your support for Helena’s leadership on climate change.

Want to send a personalized note to the commissioners? Here’s their contact information:

Thank you Governor Bullock!

Since early January MEIC has repeatedly asked you to contact legislators and Governor Bullock about bills that threaten the environment. Thanks to your efforts many bills were defeated during the session but many of the worst bills made it all the way to the Governor’s desk. Last week, Governor Bullock vetoed the final three bills that threatened clean water, clean air, and a healthy climate. Montana’s environment is better off because Governor Bullock was willing to draw a line in the sand. He vetoed nine anti-environmental ideas from the legislature. Montanans are fortunate to have him at the helm.
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Thank You, Senator Tester

Thank Senator Tester

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End date: May 14, 2017

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221 signatures

The news out of Washington D.C. just seems to get worse by the day. That’s why we are asking you to do something different. Please take a minute and contact Senator Jon Tester to thank him for his continued efforts to successfully fight climate change and protect taxpayers. Today the U.S. Senate refused to overturn the common sense Obama era “Methane and Natural Gas Waste Rule.” The rule was adopted to prevent the valuable and highly potent greenhouse gas, methane, from being vented, flared or leaked by oil and gas companies operating on public and tribal lands. These companies release this pollutant during the extraction process instead of capturing it and putting it to good use. The rule forces companies to capture those emissions instead of wasting $330 million worth of this public resource each year.

On Wednesday morning, the U.S. Senate tried to overturn the rule using the obscure Congressional Review Act. This vote would also have prevented the Bureau of Land Management from ever adopting a similar rule in the future without express Congressional approval. Senator Tester and 50 other U.S. Senators (all of the Democrats and three  Republicans), voted NO! That’s good news for taxpayers and the environment.

Senator Tester also showed leadership by being the first Montana Senator to support eliminating the extra fee that the Bonneville Power Administration places on Montana energy – including wind energy – that is exported to west coast markets. Renewable energy advocates in the West have been working for years to eliminate this extra fee. The Montana Public Service Commission supports the elimination of the fee. The 2017 Montana House of Representatives passed a resolution by Rep. Zolnikov (R-Billings) supporting the elimination of this fee. Now Senator Tester has weighed in and asked BPA to eliminate the extra fee as well. That’s good news for Montana’s wind energy.

Please take a minute and tell Senator Tester “Thank You.” You can use our online petition form, or reach his D.C. office at (202) 224-2644. His leadership on clean energy, as well as fighting climate change and protecting taxpayers, deserves our appreciation. While you’re at it, call Senator Daines at (202) 224-2651 and ask why he’s not standing up for Montanans on these important issues.

Contact the Governor – We Need Vetoes!

The Montana Legislature is in its final week, and several bad bills are heading to the Governor. The Governor is making his decision RIGHT NOW on whether to sign them into law or veto these terrible bills. Below is a quick and easy list of bills — contact the Governor and request vetos. Please help fight for our right to a clean and healthful environment. Pick one or do all four. However much you decide to do will help make a difference.

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Contact the Governor – Veto the Legislature’s Attack on Montana’s Water

Contact Governor Bullock

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End date: Apr 30, 2017

Signatures collected: 531

531 signatures

The Montana Legislature is sending a terrible bill to the Governor’s desk, and we need your help in requesting that he veto this reckless bill. HB 339 would functionally overturn a Supreme Court decision last year that protected Montana’s water resources and property rights from sprawl. The bill would re-open the exempt well loophole that the Montana Supreme Court wisely closed last year, and give developers the right to take the water before those who are legally entitled to use that water first.

It’s bad policy based on bad science and will deplete streamflows, undermine senior water rights, increase sprawl, and spark conflict among water users. It’s irresponsible, putting development before water security and our prized fisheries. It’s unfair, letting subdivisions cut in line to grab water before everyone else – including those with senior rights. It’s bad science, imposing arbitrary guidelines for water use in a state with complex hydrology and already over-allocated streams.

Governor Bullock is making the decision NOW about whether to put the veto pen to HB 339, and he’s under a deadline. Take a moment, and ask that he protect Montana’s water resources and veto HB 339.

If you would like to personalize your message to Governor Bullock, click on “Read the Petition.”

Want renewable energy in MT? Call to oppose SB 338

We need to ask you to make another phone call. The future of large-scale, renewable energy in Montana has so much potential, and it’s in danger.

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High-Impact Actions for the Environment (Week of March 20th)

Below is quick and easy list of high-impact actions you can take this week that will help fight for our right to a clean and healthful environment. Pick one or do all five. However you decide to help will make a difference.

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High-Impact Actions for the Environment (Week of March 13th)

Below is quick and easy list of high-impact actions you can take this week that will help fight for our right to a clean and healthful environment. Pick one or do all three. However you decide to help is much appreciated.

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