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Australians Shipping Montana Coal to Asia?

coal-train_doeThe next few days are critical for Montana’s future.  Oregon Governor Kitzhaber is making decisions now that affect us all. In the next few days, Kitzhaber will decide whether to grant multi-national Australian corporation Ambre Energy a state lands permit for the Morrow Pacific coal export project. Tell Oregon’s Governor Kitzhaber that coal exports would be detrimental to Montana, and that he should deny Ambre’s Department of State Lands permit. <TAKE ACTION>

Renewable Energy Needs Level Playing Field

windThe Senate Finance Committee will consider whether to extend two important tax credits for wind and solar energy this week. Contact Montana Senators Tester and Walsh Today! <TAKE ACTION>

Land Board: NO to Signal Peak Coal

Signal PeakThis coming Tuesday, March 18, the Montana Land Board will consider whether to approve the expansion of the Signal Peak coal mine onto State Lands north of Billings. <TAKE ACTION>

Countdown to a Decision on Keystone

tar sands destructionWithin the next few months, we expect Secretary of State John Kerry to issue a recommendation to the President on whether to approve the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. We need you to contact Secretary John Kerry today, and to tell him the pipeline should be rejected by the President.  <ACT NOW>

24 Hours to Save Montana’s Sage Grouse!

sage-grouse alertThe iconic Greater Sage Grouse is seriously threatened by habitat loss. Energy development and resource extraction threaten the species. We need you speak up for Montana’s Greater Sage Grouse in the next 24-hours! <ACT NOW>

Join 1000+ Montanans in Support of EPA’s Carbon Pollution Regulations

Colorado based Westmoreland Coal Company's Rosebud Mine. Photo courtesy of Kestrel Aerial Services, Inc. (c)

Sign the petition, to be delivered to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and show your support for limiting carbon pollution from new power plants. <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Say NO to Arch Coal’s Dirty Export Facility in Washington State

GOHOMEARCHCOALArch Coal has submitted an application in the State of Washington for a permit to build a massive coal export facility. We need your help to convince Washington to say NO!  This is your official chance to say HELL NO to Arch Coal’s dirty coal port. <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Support Upgrades to An Existing Transmission Line So It Can Carry More Clean Energy!

wind-farmIt may not be sexy but this might be the most important thing you can do to support Montana’s move toward clean energy. In Montana, over 500 megawatts of renewable energy are waiting to use the new capacity. We need you to contact BPA today and support the proposal!  <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Say No to Westmoreland Coal Company’s Massive Montana Coal Mine Expansion

Decker Coal Mine, Montana

Colorado based Westmoreland Coal Company owns and operates the Rosebud Coal mine in Southeastern Montana, one of the largest coal strip mines in the United States. Westmoreland Coal Company is proposing to dig up an additional 71 million tons of coal and 140 million tons of greenhouse gases. <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Stand Up for Montana’s Water

Montana WaterThe Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) proposed a rule to close a loophole that will help alleviate pressure on our precious water resources. The proposed rule will address an often-abused policy that allows subdivision developers and large industrial sources to withdraw water without having to prove they are not impacting existing water users. <TAKE ACTION NOW>