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Contact Governor Bullock on the Clean Power Plan

Dirty vs. CleanMontana’s clean energy future is at a crossroads. The EPA’s new Clean Power Plan provides Montana with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for clean air and clean energy. This transition to cleaner electricity will bring the opportunity for thousands of new jobs in Montana.  We need you to contact Governor Bullock TODAY, and ask that he continue to support clean energy and move forward with a Montana-made plan to reduce carbon pollution.


Tell U.S. Rep. Zinke to Protect Montana’s Water

Zinke AlertIn December 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized the first-ever nationwide standards regulating the disposal of toxic coal ash waste generated by power plants. While the standards do not go far enough to stop the unsafe disposal of coal ash, they have given new tools to affected communities to hold the dirty coal plants more accountable for their pollution. However, if certain members of Congress have their way, even this modest step forward will be blocked. We need you to take just one minute and contact Montana’s Rep. Ryan Zinke (or your own representative if you don’t live in Montana), and ask that he or she vote against this terrible proposal.

Protect Montana from Fracking

fracking well blackfeet reservation, glacier national parkHydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking – an oil production technique) in Montana threatens our clean air and water, and can reduce our quality of life. The oil and gas industry has successfully fought against even the most modest regulations, and has largely succeeded in blocking them. Shockingly, Montana currently has no “setback” requirements for oil and gas development, meaning that there is no required minimum distance to provide a buffer between an oil or gas well and a home or source of water. The Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (Board) is now considering the adoption of setback requirements for oil and gas development, and we need you to speak up in support today!

Stop Arch from Building the Coal-to-Asia Railroad!

ColinRuggieroPhoto_121414_66572_3_4-EditArch Coal is on the verge of bankruptcy, but it’s not going down without a fight. Arch is pushing very hard to construct the Tongue River Railroad, in a last-ditch effort to protect its profits. The environmental impact statement on the proposed railroad is now available for public review and comment. We need you to speak up TODAY for Montana’s future and the global climate!

Will you speak up for the Smith River?

SmithThis coming Monday, February 16th, the Montana Legislature will hold a hearing on a bill that would help to assure that the Smith River is protected from the proposed Smith River copper mine. SB 218, sponsored by Sen. Mary Sheehy Moe of Great Falls, would require that metal mines that are likely to create acid mine drainage post a bond at 150% of the current bonding level. We need you to contact the Senate Natural Resources Committee members, and respectfully request that they support SB 218. <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Support Clean Energy in Montana: Contact Legislators

technicians inspecting solar panel stationWe need you to contact legislators on the House Energy Committee TODAY, and ask that they support clean, renewable energy in Montana. <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Contact DEQ on Toxic Air Emissions

PPL, the operator of the Colstrip coal plant, has asked the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for yet another delay – this time for an entire year – before having to control Colstrip’s toxic air pollution. DEQ should protect the public’s right to breathe clean air. It should protect public health not corporate polluters! It should just say NO! <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Say NO to the Keystone XL Pipeline!

tar sands destructionThe U.S. Senate will vote as early as tomorrow on a bill to bypass the President and force construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Despite the President’s ongoing analysis of the impacts of Keystone, and his authority to approve or deny the pipeline, certain members of the U.S. Senate are pushing for a vote on the Hoeven-Landrieu bill (S. 2280). Some moderates are playing along, and this bill may have the votes to pass! <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Say NO to Giving Colstrip Another Year to Control Toxic Air Pollution!

Colstrip Power Plant

PPL earned $1.1 billion in profits in 2013, and can afford to clean up its toxic air pollution. It just doesn’t want to spend the money to clean up its act. PPL just asked the State to give it another year before it has to control its toxic air pollution because it doesn’t want to spend the money. Tell DEQ to say NO to this appalling corporate handout!


Tell Montana’s Governor Bullock and the EPA to Support the Clean Power Plan

Governor Steve Bullock MontanaNow is the time for YOU to act on climate change! Power plants are the number one cause of climate changing pollution and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is finally proposing to make power plants clean up their act. But the EPA’s proposal for Montana is weak and the forces opposing any carbon pollution controls are rich and powerful. We need you to show your support for stronger emission reduction goals for Montana and encourage our Governor and the EPA to support reducing carbon pollution as much as possible. <TAKE ACTION NOW> 

Want to know more? Clean Power Plan Fact sheet