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Say NO to the Keystone XL Pipeline!

tar sands destructionThe U.S. Senate will vote as early as tomorrow on a bill to bypass the President and force construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Despite the President’s ongoing analysis of the impacts of Keystone, and his authority to approve or deny the pipeline, certain members of the U.S. Senate are pushing for a vote on the Hoeven-Landrieu bill (S. 2280). Some moderates are playing along, and this bill may have the votes to pass! <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Say NO to Giving Colstrip Another Year to Control Toxic Air Pollution!

Colstrip Power Plant

PPL earned $1.1 billion in profits in 2013, and can afford to clean up its toxic air pollution. It just doesn’t want to spend the money to clean up its act. PPL just asked the State to give it another year before it has to control its toxic air pollution because it doesn’t want to spend the money. Tell DEQ to say NO to this appalling corporate handout!


Tell Montana’s Governor Bullock and the EPA to Support the Clean Power Plan

Governor Steve Bullock MontanaNow is the time for YOU to act on climate change! Power plants are the number one cause of climate changing pollution and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is finally proposing to make power plants clean up their act. But the EPA’s proposal for Montana is weak and the forces opposing any carbon pollution controls are rich and powerful. We need you to show your support for stronger emission reduction goals for Montana and encourage our Governor and the EPA to support reducing carbon pollution as much as possible. <TAKE ACTION NOW> 

Want to know more? Clean Power Plan Fact sheet

Contact the OSM: Stop Poisonous Orange Clouds

Montana's Constitution requires that all disturbed lands be reclaimed. Aerial view of Rosebud Coal mine.(c) Kestrel Aerial Services, Inc. (c)

Coal mining companies in Montana frequently use explosives to blast the earth and the coal seam in order to mine the coal. Frequently this blasting creates poisonous orange clouds of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that can reach 300 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s ambient safety levels. NOx pollution is hazardous to humans. It can cause respiratory diseases, aggravate heart disease, and in extreme cases lead to premature death. We need you to sign our petition to the U.S. Office of Surface Mining (OSM) today, and ask that it ban poisonous orange clouds! <TAKE ACTION>

Protect Montana’s Smith River from Arsenic

SmithVancouver, Canada, based Tintina Resources wants to mine for copper at the headwaters of the Smith River. This spring, MEIC and Earthworks challenged Tintina’s plans for a massive exploration tunnel, and the company withdrew its application. Now, Tintina is proposing to pump arsenic-laden water near its proposed mine site, and we need your help! <TAKE ACTION>

Tell the Montana Public Service Commission You don’t want to pay more for Colstrip’s Dirty Power

Colstrip Power Plant

If you are a NorthWestern Energy customer, last week the Montana Public Service Commission voted 4-1 to increase your electricity bills by 6.25% because the aging Colstrip coal-fired power plant broke down – again. We need you to contact the Montana Public Service Commission, and to tell it that Montanans don’t want their electric bills to increase because of an unreliable and aging coal plant. <TAKE ACTION NOW>

Support Montana’s Successful Renewable Energy Standard

JudithGap2The Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee of the Montana Legislature is accepting public comments now on its draft report, findings, and recommendations on the benefits and costs of Montana’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES). The Committee will finalize its report at its July meeting. It is critical that members of the Committee hear from you on the many benefits of clean energy in Montana! <TAKE ACTION>

Support the Biggest Moment Yet in Fighting Global Warming

Colstrip Power Plant

The Colstrip coal-fired power complex, the largest carbon polluter in Montana.

EPA proposal would reduce carbon pollution by 730 million metric tonnes by 2030

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the first-ever proposed carbon pollution limit for existing power plants, marking the biggest step yet in the fight against global warming. Power plants are the largest source of carbon pollution in both Montana and the United States. We urgently need you to contact Montana elected officials who will play a critical role in the implementation of these standards, and ask them to support carbon pollution limits for power plants and a strong state plan. <TAKE ACTION>

Tester and Walsh: No to Keystone XL

tar sands destructionThe U.S. Senate is considering a vote as early as this week on a plan to bypass the president and force construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Despite the president’s ongoing analysis of the impacts of Keystone, and the authority to approve or deny the pipeline, certain members of the U.S. Senate are pushing for a vote. Contact Senators Tester and Walsh today! <TAKE ACTION>

Australians Shipping Montana Coal to Asia?

coal-train_doeThe next few days are critical for Montana’s future.  Oregon Governor Kitzhaber is making decisions now that affect us all. In the next few days, Kitzhaber will decide whether to grant multi-national Australian corporation Ambre Energy a state lands permit for the Morrow Pacific coal export project. Tell Oregon’s Governor Kitzhaber that coal exports would be detrimental to Montana, and that he should deny Ambre’s Department of State Lands permit. <TAKE ACTION>