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David Quammen
Science journalist
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Conservation of all species, not just humans. The loss of biological diversity is one of the worst impacts we are having on our planet.

Why I Belong To MEIC

MEIC is very good at seeing what’s coming over the horizon. They led on our subdivision and streambed laws, for which I’m very grateful every time I see an unspoiled view.

What I Want To Pass On

If you feel discouraged, that’s okay. It’s good to see the world clearly if that leads to action. Nothing is more important than conservation activism.

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After Decades of Polluting Water, Colstrip Plant to Address Leaking Coal Ash Ponds

Victory: As part of settlement, power plant will move to safer dry disposal for millions of tons of toxic waste

Billings, MT — Decades after water contamination problems first started at the Colstrip coal-fired power plant, an agreement filed in court today between conservation groups and the facility’s owners will result in far safer disposal of millions of tons of toxic coal ash waste generated by burning coal at the plant.

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Posted on July 21st, 2016

A big Northwest clean air victory: 2 old coal plants will be phased out

Posted on July 13th, 2016

Oldest two units at Colstrip to be retired no later than 2022

On July 12th MEIC and Sierra Club reached a historic agreement with Puget Sound Energy and Talen Energy to retire the oldest and most financially risky coal-burning units at the Colstrip coal plant in Colstrip, Montana. Units 1 and 2 – which were built in the 1970s and lack state-of-the-art pollution controls – have faced serious problems remaining competitive as energy markets shift dramatically. Meanwhile, Washington and Oregon, which are the main customers for Colstrip’s electricity, have sent clear signals that they no longer want coal-generated power and prefer more clean energy. Under the agreement, which was filed with the District Court in Missoula, Pennsylvania-based Talen and Seattle-based PSE have until July 2022 to retire the two units.

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Posted on July 12th, 2016

Keep the Smith the Smith

Guest Post: Senator Jon Tester

My Approved Portraits

In the Last Best Place, the Smith River represents one of the best places to float, fish, and camp, and one of the last places you can escape civilization and truly experience Montana as our ancestors did.  That 59 mile stretch between Camp Baker and the Eden Bridge is a gateway to the Montana the first settlers and Native Americans lived in. It’s a gateway to our past and a treasured place for our future.

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Posted on July 1st, 2016