HB 273 by Rep. Derek Skees (R-Kalispell) would eliminate the current safeguards for nuclear energy development in Montana. HB 273 would overturn a citizen-passed initiative that gave voters the right to approve or reject a proposed nuclear facility. Repealing this language eliminates numerous important safeguards for the development of nuclear energy and eliminates the public’s ability to vote on whether or not Montana pursues nuclear energy.

There are numerous safety concerns – both in regard to health and the environment – associated with nuclear power. If any developer wants to pursue a nuclear energy project in Montana, then YOU should have the final say.

Check out this fact sheet on the original citizen initiative that ensured you have a say in nuclear.




Voted on by Full House on 2/15 and passed 68-32. Action item: Write a letter to the editor! Use our template to get started.


Conor Ploeger, cploeger@meic.org

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