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MEIC’s Legislative Voting Record has been produced after every session of the Montana Legislature since 1974. MEIC generally chooses second reading votes unless a third reading vote or a vote on an amendment more accurately reflects legislators’ positions on an issue. We encourage you to check on how your legislators voted and to talk to them about those votes. Don’t forget to thank them when they voted correctly. But please remember that in order to fully evaluate a legislator, you must also consider committee performance, influence on the floor debates, and responsiveness to constituents. The plusses and minuses in the Voting Record do not represent “yes” or “no” votes; they indicate whether the vote supported or opposed MEIC’s position.

Who’s my Senator?

SenatorTownScoreHB 339SB 32SB 48SB 78SB 98SB 102SB 190SB 235SB 337SB 338
Ankney, DuaneColstrip10%
Barrett, DickMissoula90%
Blasdel, MarkKalispell0%
Boland, CarlieGreat Falls78%E
Brown, DeeHungry Horse10%
Buttrey, EdwardGreat Falls20%
Caferro, MaryHelena80%
Cohenour, JillEast Helena90%
Connell, PatHamilton10%
Facey, TomMissoula80%
Fielder, JenniferThompson Falls0%
Fitzpatrick, SteveGreat Falls10%
Gauthier, TerryHelena0%
Gross, JenBillings89%E
Hinebauch, SteveWibaux10%
Hinkle, JedediahBelgrade10%
Hoven, BrianGreat Falls10%
Howard, DavidPark City10%
Jones, LlewConrad20%
Kary, DougBillings0%
Keenan, BobBigfork10%
Lang, MikeMalta0%
MacDonald, MargaretBillings90%
Malek, SueMissoula90%
McClafferty, EdieButte89%E
McNally, MaryBillings80%
Moore, EricMiles City0%
Olszewski, AlbertKalispell0%
Osmundson, RyanBuffalo10%
Phillips, MikeBozeman78%E
Pomnichowski, J.P.Bozeman100%
Regier, KeithKalispell0%
Richmond, TomBillings10%
Sales, ScottBozeman10%
Salomon, DanielRonan10%
Sands, DianeMissoula90%
Sesso, JonButte90%
Small, JasonBusby10%
Smith, CaryBillings0%
Smith, FrankPoplar90%
Swandal, NelsWilsall10%
Tempel, RusselChester30%
Thomas, FredStevensville0%
Vance, GordonBelgrade0%
Vincent, ChasLibby20%
Vuckovich, GeneAnaconda70%
Webb, RogerBillings0%
Welborn, JeffreyDillon10%
Whitford, LeaCut Bank90%
Wolken, CynthiaMissoula80%
SenatorTownScoreHB 339SB 32SB 48SB 78SB 98SB 102SB 190HB 235SB 337SB 338

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