SB 102 - Artificially Limit Clean Energy Development

Sen. Tom Richmond, (R-Billings), SD 28

Senator Tom RichmondSB 102 would place a 20-year maximum on contracts for wind and solar projects trying to utilize a federal law that encourages alternative energy production. Clean energy project developers, as well as the Montana Bankers Association, testified to the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee they would need 20-year minimum contracts in order to finance projects. Contracts greater than 20 years are standard in the energy industry. NorthWestern Energy requested and received a 25-year revenue guarantee when it built its Spion Kop wind farm in 2012. Independent power producers should get equal treatment.

MEIC's Position: Oppose | Current bill status: Bill Tabled in House Energy, Technology, & Federal Relations. (Passed Senate, 25-24.) | Official legislative site

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