SB 338 - Slamming the door on clean energy development

Sen. Duane Ankney, (R-Colstrip), SD 20

SB 338 (Sen. Duane Ankney, R-Colstrip) is a punitive bill that will scare away investments in large-scale clean energy development in Montana. The bill would force the owners of Colstrip to pay outlandish sums to the community of Colstrip yet the bill fails to guarantee cleanup of the extensive contamination at Colstrip, fails to provide security for pensions of plant workers, and fails to require the owners provide clean water to the town. Out-of-state utilities are the ones who would buy wind energy in Montana but this bill will discourage those investments. This bill puts a giant “closed for business” sign on the state and fails to protect workers and the environment. This bill would create immeasurable uncertainty for utilities and would almost certainly cause out-of-state utilities to invest in clean energy  from anywhere but Montana.

Please contact Senate Energy Committee members and ask them to say NO to bills that put a “closed to clean energy business” sign on Montana. Find all committee member email addresses by clicking here:

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MEIC's Position: Oppose | Current bill status: Returned to the Senate with Amendments. Passed House, 100-0, on March 23rd. | Official legislative site

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