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April 26, 2012

WASHINGTON — Montana state Sen. Alan Olson was on Capitol Hill this week to lobby lawmakers on issues critical to the oil and natural gas industry, namely proposed regulations on fracking practices.

Olson, who works for the energy company Sanjel, made the trip with about 70 other members of the Western Energy Alliance trade group. <Read More>

One Reply to “State senator lobbies in Washington on oil, natural gas issues”

  1. boyscout says:

    imagine if someone came to your property and put a filter on your water that poisoned it. Imagine if someone came on your property and started causing earthquake swarms and even some major earthquakes. Imagine if this activity harmed your family, your animals, and even your future. Imagine if it so destroyed your property that you could no longer even live there for many many years if some tragedy happened to the environment. Yes there is money but is it really worth it??? Why would we even allow such purposeful harm??? we all know and it’s been proven scientifically and over time that it is indeed harmful….Are we not smart enough to find a better way of things???