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David Quammen
Science journalist
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Conservation of all species, not just humans. The loss of biological diversity is one of the worst impacts we are having on our planet.

Why I Belong To MEIC

MEIC is very good at seeing what’s coming over the horizon. They led on our subdivision and streambed laws, for which I’m very grateful every time I see an unspoiled view.

What I Want To Pass On

If you feel discouraged, that’s okay. It’s good to see the world clearly if that leads to action. Nothing is more important than conservation activism.

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Down to Earth – May 2015

MEIC_DTE_MAY2015-1Click on the link below to download the May 2015 issue of Down to Earth.

In this issue:

  • Otter Creek Mine and the Tongue River Railroad
  • 2015 Legislature in Review
  • 2015 Legislative Voting Record
  • Smith River Mine Update
  • Colstrip in the Legislature
  • Electric Grid Reliability
  • Sen. Jon Tester and the Clean Power Plan

Down to Earth – May 2015

Posted on May 14th, 2015

Montana rails form crucial link in world energy chain, leaders say

MissoulianEnergy doesn’t help anybody if it can’t get where it’s wanted, and Montana forms a crucial link in the energy transportation chain, railroad leaders at the Asia-Montana Energy Summit said Thursday. <READ MORE>

Posted on April 30th, 2015

Contact Governor Bullock Today

Dirty Coal and Water Bills Headed to his Desk Need to be Vetoed

bullocksteve (1)

While a number of this session’s anti-environment bills were defeated due the efforts of MEIC and its allies, several “dirty coal” and dirty water bills have cleared the Legislature and now await action by Gov. Steve Bullock. Only his veto can stop these bills from becoming law.

We need you to e-mail, write, or call the governor TODAY, and ask him to veto these attacks on Montana’s clean air, clean water, and the global climate!

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Posted on April 20th, 2015

Groups honor former legislator Carol Williams as Conservation Champion

MissoulianMaybe she doesn’t owe it all to Butte, but Carol Williams’ hometown was integral in forging the conservation ethic she’s known for. Williams was feted Tuesday in Missoula by the National Wildlife Federation and three other groups as Conservation Champion. It was the first of what his group hopes is an annual event centered around Women’s History Month, said David Dittloff, regional representative for NWF. <READ MORE>

Posted on March 31st, 2015