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Water and food. They’re interrelated, of course. A lot of our problems start with the use of petroleum-based chemicals on our food, and those get washed into the water supply. If we get our food system right, that will solve a lot of issues.

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MEIC offers guidance to grassroots organizations. They understand the politics of the issues and do a good job of explaining it in their publications, which offer a course of action.

What I Want To Pass On

We need to protect our agricultural lands. Once land is developed for houses, you never get it back.

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IEEFA Report: Two More Aging Coal-Fired Power Plants That Should Be Retired

Colstrip Power Plant

A new report published by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis shows in deep detail how two aging coal-fired units at an electricity-generation plant in eastern Montana are financially unviable in the fast-changing new energy economy.

Posted on June 24th, 2015

‘Smith River Memories’ campaign opposes copper mine plan

Posted on June 18th, 2015

Even When You Win You Lose

MEIC wins lawsuit against coal plant – despite erroneous press reports

By Anne Hedges

Colstrip Power Plant

The Colstrip coal-fired power complex, the largest polluter in Montana.

This week MEIC and other conservation groups prevailed in court. Let me say that another way, we won. But you’d never know it by the press reports. In an odd and unusual twist, the reporter got the story exactly wrong. He wrote that we lost and the owners of the Colstrip coal-fired power plant won. The Colstrip spokesperson said that when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its 2012 rule on haze pollution from power plants, EPA sided with environmentalists. PPL said it challenged that EPA decision and the court ruled for them, and against EPA and environmentalists. In his words, it was a complete victory for Colstrip. Too bad for him that he’s wrong.

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Posted on June 15th, 2015

Court Strikes Down Coal Pollution Rule, Environmentalists And Coal Industry Cheer

mtprA federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a rule meant to reduce haze from coal burned in Montana.

Environmentalists were critical that rule wasn’t strong enough and hope it will be revised and strengthened. Meanwhile, the coal industry is calling the ruling a victory.

Posted on June 10th, 2015