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Motivating Issue

Water and food. They’re interrelated, of course. A lot of our problems start with the use of petroleum-based chemicals on our food, and those get washed into the water supply. If we get our food system right, that will solve a lot of issues.

Why I Belong To MEIC

MEIC offers guidance to grassroots organizations. They understand the politics of the issues and do a good job of explaining it in their publications, which offer a course of action.

What I Want To Pass On

We need to protect our agricultural lands. Once land is developed for houses, you never get it back.

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Down to Earth – December 2014

MEIC_DTE_December2014-1Click on the link below to download the September 2014 issue of Down to Earth.

In this issue:

  • 2015 Montana Legislature
  • Smith River Copper Mine
  • Otter Creek Coal Mine
  • Montana and the Clean Power Plan
  • Montana Futures Raffle
  • PPL Pollution
  • Golden Sunlight Mine
  • Clean Energy and Co-Ops

Down to Earth – December 2014

Posted on December 12th, 2014

Front protection bill also ‘releases’ areas from wilderness study

Great Falls TribuneThe Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, approved by the House of Representatives on Thursday as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, now calls for removing land in northeastern and southeastern Montana from wilderness consideration. <READ MORE>

Posted on December 8th, 2014

Top 5 Offensive Provisions of the Public Lands Rider

by Anne Hedges

“When you’re willing to compromise your principles you’ve given up. You abandon them. When you compromise nature, nature gets compromised.”

Conservation Pioneer Martin Litton who died on Nov. 30, 2014

These words were prescient of this week’s grand compromise to pass two great pieces of legislation and give the Northern Cheyenne their rightful land. But the cost is far too high, even for these important gains.

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Posted on December 4th, 2014

Montana energy interests, environmentalists, officials weigh in on EPA carbon rules

MissoulianHELENA – Montana energy interests, environmentalists and others this week weighed in on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules to limit carbon emissions at existing power plants, raising scores of questions about the rules’ workability. <READ MORE>

Posted on December 3rd, 2014