MEIC has been at the forefront of advocating for strong water quality protection laws since our founding.  We also are a vigilant “watch dog” to assure the laws are complied with, and that permitting activity protects Montana’s most valuable, shared resource.

Summer time algal blooms, pond scum, and river choking weeds – all are problems because of human caused amounts of nutrients in our waters. The culprits are phosphorus and nitrogen, nutrients that come from various “end of pipe” (point) sources such as sewage treatment plants, factory farms, and industrial facilities, along with “non-point” sources, such as agriculture, urban runoff, and forestry.

MEIC is a member of the Nutrient Work Group, which was recently directed to develop “narrative” nutrient standards that will replace the numeric standards that Montana adopted only a decade ago. MEIC is working in the Nutrient Working Group with our conservation and environmental allies to promote the protection of clean water from unnecessary and detrimental nutrient pollution.