Montana Interfaith Power & Light is hosting a Virtual Speaker Series which will include 5 sessions focused on developing tools for climate advocacy and connecting faith communities, environmental organizations, and our youth in the climate fight ahead. MEIC will speak at two of these events. Learn more and register here.


About this event

***Donations are greatly appreciated to keep our events free and allow us to keep offering opportunities like this in our communities.

With the recent developments of Montana’s Held vs. Montana case, we aim to use this as a starting point for this series and move into methods of advocating and communicating with our leaders, and each other. With sessions led by a combination of intergenerational advocates, come see the ways in which you might become involved in your local and state affairs, network with local and state entities, and learn some tools to take with you on your journey.

**Feel free to sign up for just the first session if you plan to attend the whole series. The Zoom link will be the same for all sessions.**


October 30 – Session 1: “Youth Advocating via the Judicial System for Their Rights to a Livable Climate” – Our Children’s Trust

  • Join us for and update on Montana’s Held vs. Montana case from Our Children’s Trust and a few of the youth plaintiffs.

November 6 – Session 2: “Faith, Hope and Action: Climate Justice Advocacy” – Dave Hemion, MPA

  • Hear from Dave Hemion and how he has been active in engaging his congregation through advocacy and the importance of connecting with statewide networks for support and action alerts.

November 13 – Session 3: “Developing Your Personal Story for Climate Advocacy” – Sunrise Bozeman: Lucy Hochschartner & Isabel Shaida

  • Join Lucy and Isabel as they share about their advocacy through Sunrise Bozeman and the importance of crafting your own story for climate advocacy. This workshop will help you begin the process of developing your own story using your own experiences and things you find important.

November 20 – Session 4: “Communicating with Those Who are Different than You” – Piper Christian

  • Learn how to talk across political and value divides by hearing Piper’s story advocating and engaging youth in Utah. Learn from her experience and develop the tools to communicate with our legislators, and each other.

December 4 – Session 5: “Networking with Climate Action Groups in Montana” – Environmental Organizations

  • This final session provides the opportunity to network with environmental organizations throughout Montana. Whether you’re an individual, faith community, or student, come see the various opportunities for partnerships, internships, and more with the organizations in attendance.

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