MEIC is known throughout Montana and the West as a strong advocate for a clean and healthful environment that backs advocacy with hard science and thorough research. We have been called “perhaps the most influential and active environmental organization in the state” and for good reason. For almost 50 years, MEIC has fought for policies that will affect the Montana environment for generations to come. Below is a list of MEIC’s biggest accomplishments, but does not include the full breadth of our work and success.

At the Legislature

MEIC is the lead voice for the environment at the Montana Legislature. We have played a role in lobbying to establish, protect, and strengthen almost every environmental law on the books, including but not limited to the Montana Environmental Policy Act, the Subdivision and Platting Act, the Major Facility Siting Act, the Strip and Underground Mine Reclamation Act, the Voluntary Conservation Easements Act, the Coal Severance Tax Trust Fund, the Metal Mine Reclamation Act, the Comprehensive Environmental Clean-up and Responsibility Act, the Mega Landfill Siting Act, the Water Use Act, and the Renewable Energy Standard. MEIC has also played a lead role in defeating hundreds of anti-environmental bills that are not listed his.

Victories at a Glance


  • Stopped the proposed Rock Creek mine in the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness due to impacts to water resources and grizzly bears.
  • Prevented dozens of anti-environment and anti-public health measures at the Montana legislature by helping Montanans take more than 46,000 actions through an updated website.  
  • Defeated a last minute Trump-era rule designed to prevent consideration of science in public health and environmental decision making. 


  • Prevented NorthWestern Energy from charging approximately $10 million to customers for costs associated with a prolonged outage at the Colstrip coal-fired power plant.
  • Prevented NorthWestern Energy from purchasing a larger share of the Colstrip coal-fired power plant. 
  • MEIC and Earthjustice receive favorable Montana Supreme Court order upholding the vacature of the Montanore mine project’s discharge permit. 
  • MEIC and partners win a federal court challenge reinstating a Bureau of Land Management methane waste rule that the Trump administration attempted to dismantle.
  • MEIC wins U.S. District Court challenge that results in the cancellation of oil and gas leases on over 145,000 acres of public land in Montana due to potential water quality and climate impacts.
  • MEIC wins a Supreme Court victory striking down Montana Public Service Commission decisions that intentionally undermined renewable energy projects by weakening contract terms.
  • Colstrip Units 1&2 permanently close in response to economic pressure combined with MEIC’s legal settlement requiring closure by 2022.


  • MEIC leads successful legislative lobbying effort blocking multiple proposals to bailout NorthWestern Energy and its investment in the Colstrip Power Plant.
  • MEIC wins two major Montana District court challenges against mines that would impact water quality and quantity in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness.
  • MEIC wins court case against Montana Public Service Commission restoring contract lengths for renewable energy projects.
  • MEIC blocks Spring Creek mine expansion in legal challenge on the argument that climate change impacts must be evaluated alongside mine benefits.



  • Bad Actor Laws Enforced!
  • MEIC wins lawsuit preventing expansion of Signal Peak Energy’s Bull Mountain Coal Mine due to lack of climate change impact evaluation.







  • Mercury standards for power plants adopted by the Board of Environmental Review.
  • MEIC leads the successful campaign to stop the proposed Roundup coal-fired power plant.


  • MEIC forms a coalition that successfully lobbies the legislature to adopt the Montana Renewable Energy Standard.


  • Initiative 147, which would have repealed I-137, is defeated by the voters.





  • Pegasus Gold Co. is fined $37 million for violations at the Zortman/Landusky mines, and files for bankruptcy.


  • MEIC wins a lawsuit that ended the confidentiality of legislative bill draft files.


  • MEIC wins the first of three lawsuits over the reclamation of the Golden Sunlight mine.


  • MEIC wins a lawsuit that stopped CENEX from drilling for oil on the North Fork of the Flathead River.


  • Sunshine Mining Co. abandons plans for a gold mine west of Lincoln.


  • Phosphate detergent ban passed by the Legislature.


  • MEIC wins a lawsuit that stopped the Montana Power Co. from building the Haines Pipeline along the Rocky Mountain Front.


  • Air quality standards adopted by the Board of Health and Environmental Sciences.


  • Coal severance tax raised to 30% by the Legislature.

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