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End date: Apr 11, 2018

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The Trump Administration is proposing to expand the Bull Mountain coal mine north of Billings, and has released an environmental assessment (EA). If allowed to move forward, this expansion would result in 176 million additional tons of coal being mined, and make it the largest underground coal mine in the United States. For numerous reasons, the environmental assessment is flawed and does not account for the true cost of coal. We need you to take a few minutes, and contact the Federal Office of Surface Mining, and tell it that the EA must be rejected in its current form, as it doesn’t reflect the myriad problems with this terrible proposal.

Increased coal mining and its subsequent combustion will contribute to the climate crisis. Further, the coal train traffic generated by this proposal will increase air pollution, which will impact the lung health of adults and children in Montana and globally. Currently, clean and renewable energy technology exists that could dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Unfortunately, OSM did not adequately take these facts into consideration.

Please take a few minutes, and tell OSM to reject the EA in its current form.

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