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Arch Coal submitted an application to the State of Washington for a permit to build a massive coal export facility, and we need your help to convince Washington to say NO! The Washington State Department of Ecology (WSDE) is currently preparing an Environmental Impact Statement, and has released a draft review for public comment. We need you to take 1 minute, contact the WSDE, and ask that they select the NO ACTION alternative!

Arch Coal and Lighthouse Resources (owner of Montana’s Decker coal mine) are interested in expanding coal mining operations in Montana and Wyoming and shipping the coal to Asia. For this scheme to work, Arch Coal and Lighthouse Resources need to receive a permit to build a coal port shipping facility in Longview, Washington. This is your official chance to say NO!

As the United States transitions from dirty coal plants to clean and renewable energy sources, coal companies are looking to export coal to Asian markets in order to maintain their profits. Additional west coast coal export terminals are essential for companies like Arch Coal to send coal to countries like China and Korea. However, all of the proposed export facilities up to this point have been denied or canceled because of their major environmental impacts and poor economic outlook.

Exporting Montana’s coal will cause air and water pollution, destroy wildlife habitat, create traffic congestion and increase threats to public safety from increased train traffic. Most importantly, the coal will be burned and escalate climate change. We already have clean, affordable, and renewable alternatives that create thousands of jobs across Montana. We don’t need this destructive project. Please contact the WSDE today, and ask that they choose the NO ACTION alternative.

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