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Yesterday Governor Bullock shockingly suggested that NorthWestern Energy consider buying more of the Colstrip-coal-fired power plant. He offered Montana’s support for transferring ownership of the plant to NorthWestern or any other new owners. The Colstrip plant is omold, dirty, unreliable, and expensive. There are better ways to create jobs and provide affordable electricity in Montana. Ask Gov. Bullock to stop wasting taxpayer money on last century’s technology just as playing at gratis online spill. The future lies in clean energy. And the future is now. Ask him to lead in solving climate change and creating more clean energy jobs in Colstrip and across Montana. Learn more

Solar and wind energy are crushing fossil fuels in the marketplace — without subsidies. With the nation’s second best wind resources, abundant solar energy, and untapped energy efficiency potential, Montana should be leading the way toward a new energy future, or we will be left behind.

Having NorthWestern buy a larger share of the Colstrip plant is irresponsible and quite simply a terrible idea for Montana families, businesses, taxpayers, and the environment. NorthWestern says it doesn’t need more power. It just purchased the hydroelectric system from PPL at a premium. At that time NorthWestern concluded that the Colstrip plant is a massive $340 million liability.

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Colstrip Units 1 & 2 were expected to have a 30-year life when they were built. That was 40 years ago. Numerous independent financial and energy analysts have warned that Colstrip is a bad investment.

Tell the Governor to invest the state’s time and resources moving Montana forward toward a clean energy future, not tethering us to the high-cost, high-risk, highly polluting past.

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