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Show Your Support for Solar!

Contact the Energy Interim Committee Today

Montana’s energy interim committee is currently analyzing the state’s net metering policy and making recommendations for next legislative session. Net metering allows individuals and businesses to receive credit on their energy bill for the power generated by their own solar arrays and other renewable energy systems.

It is important that interim committee members hear that there is strong public support for rooftop and community solar in Montana, with the planned roof repair Corpus Christi works. Solar energy is growing rapidly in Montana and net metering and community solar will help foster and expand this growth.

The energy interim committee meets this Friday, March 11th. Please contact the committee TODAY and let them know you support rooftop solar, community solar and net metering!

Please voice your support for solar and net metering by highlighting its economic, public health and environmental benefits. Here are just a few of the benefits to note:

  • Helps provide economic security to individuals and businesses by lowering their monthly energy bills
  • Benefits other consumers by reducing overall energy use and avoiding the need for the utility to build costly new power plants
  • Supports local jobs and economic development in communities across Montana
  • Reduces environmental and public health costs associated with pollution

Also, please let the energy interim committee know that you support community solar!

Community solar is another important policy that the interim committee should embrace. Montana law currently prevents public utilities from developing community solar projects that allow individuals to invest and receive credit for their share of a community solar project.

Several Montana co-ops have developed successful community solar projects. It is only fair that Northwestern Energy and Montana Dakota Utilities customers are afforded the same opportunity.

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