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NorthWestern Energy Once Again Kills Future Solar Jobs and Energy Freedom for Montana

by Brian Fadie

On February 24th, at the request of NorthWestern Energy, the Montana House Energy Committee killed the Solar Jobs and Energy Freedom Act. The bill failed to pass when it received an 8 to 8 tied vote with Representatives Alan Redfield, Derek Skees, Austin Knudsen, Casey Knudsen, Geraldine Custer, James O’Hara, Adam Rosendale, and Daniel Zolnikov voting no.

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Solar Jobs and Energy Freedom Rally!

The Montana legislature is nearing the halfway point and so far we’ve seen all kinds of attacks on clean energy. It’s time to show legislators that Montanans expect them to support MORE clean energy!

Come show your support for clean energy in Montana – come to the Solar Jobs and Energy Freedom Rally!

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A Grim Day for the Country

by Anne Hedges

Today State Action More Important than Ever

Today, Scott Pruitt, was approved by the U.S. Senate as the Director of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by a vote of 52-46. That’s gaspingly bad news for all of us who rely on clean air, clean water, and are concerned about climate change. It’s a catastrophe for those who face disasters and escalating costs due to wildfires, floods, rising seas, ocean acidification, drought, and food disruption.

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BIG NEWS from the Public Service Commission

Always Remember to Say Thank You!

The Montana Public Service Commission recently made two decisions that protect consumers and gives clean energy a fair shake. Please thank the commissioners for standing up to NorthWestern Energy, protecting consumers, and helping Montana’s clean energy fairly compete in out-of-state markets. The tool on the right will send a thank you note to each commissioner.

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5 Quick Actions to Help Protect the Environment

We know your time is valuable, but we need your help to support clean energy, clean water, and clean air (as well as your pocketbooks).

We have made another quick and easy list of five high-impact actions you can take this week that will help fight for our right to a clean and healthful environment. Pick one or do all five. However you decide to help is much appreciated.

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What YOU Can Do This Week

Five Ways to Protect the Environment and Fight Climate Change in MT

MEIC has decided to provide a list of five or so things you can do each week to help protect the environment and fight for action on climate change. The Montana legislature moves quickly and your help is needed as changes happen. We urge you to make a few telephone calls and send a few e-mails each week to help us protect all of our rights to clean air, clean water and a healthy climate.

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Clean energy in Montana needs your help!

The legislature may only be in week two, but bills are already moving full speed ahead.

This week there are multiple important bills being heard on clean energy that need your help – some good, some bad. Please read more and then take action!

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Montana Board of Oil and Gas Fails to Do its Job

by Derf Johnson

It’s only reasonable, and legally required, that Montana’s water resources should be adequately protected. It’s also reasonable and legally required that, if water is to be polluted by toxins, the source of the contamination should be identified and controlled. Unfortunately, the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (Board) doesn’t agree. Instead, it chose secrecy over public disclosure, and damaged the constitutional right of all Montanans to a clean and healthful environment.

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A Federal Agency is Blocking Montana Renewable Energy Development

by Anne Hedges

Should the federal government impose a roadblock to clean energy development in Montana? Should it squash Montana wind energy development by imposing an extra charge that ensures Montana wind can’t compete in out-of-state electricity markets? You may think that’s what could happen in a President-elect Trump Administration, but it’s already happening right now.

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How Bad Will the 2017 Montana Legislative Session Be? Really Bad.

by Anne Hedges

For months most of us have said: “I’ll be glad when this is over.” Now the old adage rings true – be careful what you wish for.

There’s no getting around it, the elections at the national level were very dismal for the environment (and a lot of other issues). In Montana, Gov. Steve Bullock fought off a challenge from a self-financed billionaire whose primary campaign platform was to save Colstrip from evil environmentalists. Apparently Montanans weren’t buying what Gianforte was selling.

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