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HB 518 by Rep. Denley Loge (R-St. Regis) would expand development in the flood plain of Montana’s rivers and streams.

In Montana, permits are required for all proposed construction and other development within Special Flood Hazard Areas, or floodplains, and building in the “floodway” is prohibited. This bill would reduce the floodway definition from 1.5 feet to 1 foot, which would reduce the floodway footprint across the state. It will cost the state a substantial amount of funds to redo the floodplain mapping across the state with these changes, and it will also open up our floodplains to more development as it would substantially decrease the size of the floodway which is the only part of the floodplain that is currently unbuildable by State law.



There is a hearing scheduled on 2/24 at 3:00 in House Natural Resources.

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Derf Johnson, djohnson[@]meic.org

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