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HB 265 by Rep. Marilyn Marler (D) will phase out the use of styrofoam for food-related business in Montana throughout the next five years. Starting in 2024, restaurants will have to stop using styrofoam to serve food and beverages. In 2025, restaurants, resorts, and hotels will have to stop using styrofoam for to-go boxes or pre-packaged food. And in 2026, food packaging plants will have to stop using styrofoam. Styrofoam is an incredibly toxic substance that is terrible for human consumption and causes environmental harm. When heated, toxic chemicals from styrofoam seep into food and beverages that harm human health. Styrofoam also tends to clog landfills because it non-biodegradable, and even releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere when it reacts to the heat from sunlight.




A hearing was held on Feb. 9  in House Business and Labor. This bill has been tabled.


Conor Ploeger, cploeger@meic.org

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