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HB 150 by Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell (D-Helena) will require large sources of greenhouse gases (i.e., coal-fired power plants and natural gas plants) to pay $10 per ton of greenhouse gases that they emit. It will also require the state to develop and implement a modest plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 25% by 2035 and 50% by 2050. This bill will require large industrial polluters to incorporate climate risks caused by greenhouse gases into the cost of doing business. The revenue generated by HB 150 would go toward coal community transition, remediation of contaminated sites, economic development, infrastructure, tribal community assistance, and the state general fund.




A hearing was held on Jan. 19 in the House Taxation committee. This bill has been tabled.


Conor Ploeger, cploeger@meic.org

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