Please contact Senator Baucus and request that he keep coal ash out of the transporation bill.

Coal ash: it’s the toxic leftovers from coal-fired power plants that is filled with arsenic, lead, mercury and other hazardous chemicals. Recently, the House passed a massive Transportation Bill, attaching an amendment that would prohibit the EPA from setting enforceable safeguards for this toxic waste.

Senator Baucus has shown that he is willing to prohibit the EPA to set safeguards for toxic waste, and pass an amendment in the Senate Transporation Bill.

Please contact Senator Baucus, and request that he reject any amendments to the transportation bill that gut federal coal ash protections. The bill is meant to ensure safe roads and safe communities. Polluting it with amendments that will poison our communities is unfair to millions living near coal ash sites, such as Colstrip.

You can contact Baucus by using the online form below, calling (202) 224-2651, or emailing Senator Baucus at: [email protected]

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