How can we accelerate local climate solutions and meet our climate goals, while improving our community’s health, economy, homes and commercial buildings at the same time? Electrify Missoula!

Our built environment is a huge source of climate-heating emissions – and a huge opportunity for investing in low-carbon, healthier ways of living and getting around. Switching from fossil-fuel based technologies like gas furnaces to efficient electric ones for space and water heating and vehicle charging is a key piece of the puzzle. Join us for a spring webinar series to help you learn more and be part of the movement to Electrify Missoula.

**Part 2: Thursday, April 6 @5:15pm**
Getting off Gas: Why – and How – to Electrify our Homes and Buildings
As residents and businesses driving the demand-side of energy use and production, we play a vital role in shifting away from fossil fuels. For Part 2 of the series, Anne Hedges with the Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) will join the Climate Smart team to discuss:
– The climate and health dangers of methane gas & MT’s current energy landscape
– Making the transition: why we have to electrify everything…especially buildings!
– Common barriers to electrification
– What steps can we take to electrify, as individuals and communities?
All are welcome! BYOB and join us for this virtual happy hour conversation.


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