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Just one quick thing…

The Montana Legislature has reached the halfway point, which means this week is “Transmittal Break.”

There are no committee hearings and legislators have returned home to talk to constituents (and take a break themselves).

Accordingly, “5 Quick Things” is taking a break this week too. 

But first, MEIC wants to THANK YOU for all your work to help the environment this session. Personal phone calls and messages from constituents are often the most influential lobbying tactics we have, and there is no doubt that you have had an impact this session. Thanks for keeping them coming.

This is just the halfway point, though, and there are plenty of bad bills left to kill and good ones to push along. Keep watching your inbox because things can move very quickly in the capitol as we get closer to the endgame.

We also want to apologize for any technical difficulties you may have experienced with our website the last few weeks. MEIC recently switched to a new website and we’re still working out some bugs. The issues are known and hopefully will be wrapped up shortly.

Thank you again for all that you do!

P.S. Greentech Media published an excellent exposé  on SB 278 yesterday, the Colstrip Blank Check Bill. Check it out here, and if it gets you as fired up as us, please call Governor Bullock’s office and remind him to oppose this terrible bill. The number is (406) 444-3111.

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