SJ 8, by Sen. Dick Barrett, D-Missoula, is a joint resolution to the U.S. Congress that asks the federal government to change its current policy on climate change and join the international community in making a joint, concerted effort to implement global policy that would scale-back greenhouse gas emissions– among other important, forward-thinking policies–heading into the future.

The Trump Administration has taken seriously regressive stances on the U.S. consumption of fossil fuels in abandoning progressive global leaders in The Paris Agreement. It continues to prop-up the dying coal industry and create and implement policy that will deeply affect our progress on addressing climate change far into the future. We need to once again become a global leader in beginning to tackle this monumental task. Support.


Heard in the Senate Energy Committee on Tuesday, February 19th. Tabled in that committee on February 21st. Likely dead.


For more information on this resolution call Malcolm Gilbert at MEIC, (406) 594-0959.

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